PhotographAssociate Professor
B.A. - University of California at Berkeley
M. A. - Columbia University
Ph.D. - University of Southern California
Predoctoral Fellowship - University of California at San Francisco
Internship - Dept of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Palo Alto
Phone: 216-368-6470
E-mail: Dr. McCallum
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Research Interests

As a clinical geropsychologist, I conduct research focusing on older adult populations and I work with older adults in clinical settings. My main interest is stress and coping with problems in late life, particularly among elders caring for family members with Alzheimer's Disease. In my research, I apply a biopsychosocial framework to investigate aspects of the stress process in caregiving families. In order to shed light on this underexamined area, I gather information about the psychological and social aspects of caregiver stress through interviews and inventories in a variety of cultures. In one ongoing collaboration in this area, my students and I work with caregiving researchers in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to compare and contrast the caregiving stress proliferation process in two diverse cultures.

Current Projects

More recently, I have begun to conduct research into the area of gerotechnology and computerized cognitive enhancement programs for older adults. In 2009, my students and I opened a computer lab for older adults called The Brain Emporium ( Through our lab, we are researching the efficacy of several new computerized cognitive enhancement programs. We are also assessing the practicality of using computerized programs to evaluate and potentially improve driving skills among older adults. Lastly, we are interested in the idea of flow as it pertains to older adults and computers.

Graduate Student Research Assistants

Jessica Alva

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